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    graphics on client computer coverpages come out cross-hatched or mottled. They do not appear wysiwyg on the screen or they do not appear at all on the client.


    There could be a few reasons why you see the cross-hatched image on a cover page.

    First is to make sure the graphic file exists in the location where WinFax is looking for it. If it is has been moved or deleted, it will appear as a cross-hatch image when you send the fax, but the “thumbnail” preview might still appear when you’re editing the cover page. So it looks like the graphic is there when you’re looking at the cover page in the Designer, but really, its not. If it is on a network drive, I recommend making a copy of the image so it is found on the local drive. Check by double-clicking on the graphic in the Cover Page Designer, this will show you the path where the file is actually being accessed from.

    Another reason why it might not appear properly is because it is an unsupported graphic format, or color depth (for example 24 bit, or 32 bit graphic ) try adjusting the image to a gray-scale image, or black & white image. You would have to do this adjustment in another application, such as Microft Paint, or Paint.NET (a good, free graphic application). WinFax can handle older graphic formats of BMP and PCX. I would guess the problem is the first I mentioned and not this, if you have previously had this image as a cover page graphic.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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