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    We have winfax 10.02 installed on 3 machines, 1 host and 2 clients. Clients communicate with the host fine. The problem is with the actual sending and recieving of faxes. Have tried a few different modems and not much luck. Currently have an trendnet tfm-560x using agere drivers. Problems sending are usually “not able to negotiate” errors. As far as recieving, we recieve maybe 1 out of 10 faxes. The others, the line rings, modem aswers, waits about 20 seconds and dissconnects, with errors of either “call cancelled” or “unable to negotiate, train” etc.. The recieve log shows a call came in but there is no fax info. Here are a couple modem settings.

    Communications port: TAPI Initialize at: 19,200

    Modem type: class 1

    initialization string: AT&F&D2&C1&K3S7=55

    Flow control: AT&K3

    Use hardware flow control checked: ATZ

    ECM for sending
    ECM for recieving


    there are two versions of this modem, make sure you are usinjg the proper updated drivers available from TRENDnet for this external modem

    More details here:

    You can also try unchecking hardware flow control, and change each occurance of &K3 in the initalization string setting to &K4

    initialization string: AT&F&D2&C1&K4S7=55
    Flow control: AT&K4
    Hardware Flow Control Disabled (unchecked)

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    Thanks for tips. I am going to try them soon. Between the time I firt posted, I switched back to the internal modem on this machine and things are going well for now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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