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    Win Fax Pro 10.03

    When a fax is queued to send, instead of the lightening bolt icon that normally appears as the fax is sending we get an hourglass and the send eventually fails. We can right click on the fax and manually send but it is not working automatically.

    Right now, the fax program is working, but automatic fax sending is broken. All we get is the hourglass. Manual sending works, but automatic processing is busted.

    I tried the suggested fix:http://www.getfaxing.com/winfax/2009/07/09/how-to-repair-logs-or-phonebooks-in-winfax-using-winfax-tools/

    After the third or fourth time rebuilding our logs, sending resumed back to a normal status. We can now automatically send faxes again. No more hourglass.


    From what you describe, it is possible that you have a very large default send/receive log. This can cause the problems you are having with the faxes being stuck. In WinFax Tools, click on Logs and Phonebooks button, then click the Check Send/Rec Limits option. What does the report indicate?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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