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    Hello All ,

    Working with WinFax Pro 10.0 & VB6.0 / PB7.0

    Below is example of .pcx file to .fxr file ,
    please tell me how we can convert .txt , .excel , .doc file to .fxr file.

    that is possible because it we are attaching any (.txt, .excel , .doc ) file then it Auttomaticly convert in .fxr file.

    I tried lot but unable to find solution,
    So please tell me how i can convert different file to .frx

    Example to convert .pcx to .fxr

    In Visual Basic :
    ‘Variable for return code from conversion functions
    Dim result as Variant
    ‘Get access to the Conversion Interface
    Dim objFXConverter as Object
    Set objFXConverter = CreateObject(“WinFax.SDKFXConverter”)
    ‘Set the output format to WinFax compatible G4 format
    objFXConverter.FXFormat = fxconvertFXFormatG4
    ‘Convert source image to WinFax format
    result = objFXConverter.ConvertToFX(“myfax.pcx”,
    ‘Report success or failure
    If ( 0 = CLng(result) ) Then
    MsgBox(“PCX file successfully converted to WinFax
    MsgBox(“Conversion error” + Hex$(CLng(result))
    End If
    ‘We’re done. Release the Conversion Interface
    Set objFXConverter = Nothing


    there is no function to convert a file to a fxs format, however, when you print the document to winfax or use the Makeattachment command it will convert the document. check MakeAttachment method in the sdk

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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