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    We’ve a long list of recipients with their names
    how can include recipient name in fax delivered to him???
    because some receipients ignore the fax if there name not mentioned in the letter


    There are two ways to do this, send an additional cover page with your fax that includes the name.


    use fax merge for Microsoft Word. Create a mail merge document , and use the Fax Merge Macro for Microsoft Word.


    Dear Everyone,

    Laurent from France, I just looked your comments about this topic, if you want to personalize your fax broadcast, you should earn some time if a company do the broadcast for you ! (with your document personalize as well). In France, I work with the company .com which do that from the beginning of the projects to the reception of the fax.

    Well, however I am looking for fax mailing company which could help me to organise a marketing project with my firm. I have got one problem: I looking for prospects companies in US or UK, not based in France. I used to work with .com which has lots of fax number from companies based in France, but for English speaking countries, is limited

    ( I Recommand XXXXX if you want to find new customers in France and some european countries however)

    Who could help me about this??


    our fax software sends the faxes for you, using desktop based fax software and your own customer list. We don’t promote the use or recommend the use of third-party services for faxing here. If you’re looking for someone to provide you the fax numbers (clients) and send the faxes for you, you should search for a vendor that sells fax lists that are specific to the type of customer you are looking for. For media related, Public Relations (PR) faxing, you can try Gebbie Press http://www.gebbiepress.com as I believe they provide lists for North America (they don’t send the faxes for you, they are only sell the PR lists)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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