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    In the event you need to remove/uninstall WinFax PRO, you should follow these directions

    First, determine if you need to keep your existing WinFax data. If you do, I always recommend making an entire backup of the directory structure where WinFax is installed. For example, c:program fileswinfax or c:program filessymantecwinfax. Make a copy, and store the copy into another directory, or backup hard drive location. If its critical data also back up to CD or DVD.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT RELY ON WINFAX Built in backup and restore feature. This is great for quick backups and restores, but if the actual process fails during a backup and you rely on that data to restore, you will end up losing all your data. This is a warning to people who don’t actually backup the directory structure and rely on “WinFax Automatic Backups” only to lose their data after they realize the backups were failing!

    Back up (export) your Windows Registy keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER
    under SOFTWAREDelrina. These two keys (and all the sub-keys under it) store your phonebook information, log folders and other setup information for WinFax PRO.

    once you’ve succesfully backed up all your data, and exported the two registry keys to a safe location,
    you can then perform the UNINSTALL of WinFax from the Add/Remove Programs .

    During the uninstall, you will be asked if you want to remove or keep your existing data. Please select the proper choice .

    If the uninstall fails for any reason, and you cannot remove WinFax , you can download and run the automated WinFax Removal Application from our downloads section:


    (Available to Premium Members only – more info on becoming a premium member here — http://www.getfaxing.com/services.htm)

    Once WinFax has been uninstalled / removed, reboot the computer and you can then reinstall WinFax if you like.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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