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    Hey Experienced users / moderator

    I just want to ask you, what could I do to share over the internet. I can share internally without problems, I do not have any problems with that. I have a T1 service provider at the office.

    My problem is that when I connect from outside or even from inside but trying to connect with the Internet address
    it appears there is no RPC server available

    I found this somewhere I do not think that I found it here or it is the same link but well, I do not think that this will work for my scenario. Please HELP, I want connect via internet from my house to the office to get faxes.

    “Fix for: “there is no RPC server available”” – Barry [May 9, 2005]
    If you have a network that uses DHCP and your fax server is getting its IP from DHCP (a router or a server for example) then your clients will not be able to connect to the fax server and you’ll get the “there is no RPC server available” error message.

    The fix is to make the fax server have its own STATIC IP address. Assign it an IP under the range that was blocked/set aside for DHCP. For example, if your Linksys router serves up DHCP addresses starting at up to .199 then make your fax server have the same IP settings as other computers on the network (check how the fax server is set for its IP settings by going to Start, Run, cmd , type: ipconfig ) but then change the IP to

    Then your clients will be able to either connect to the fax server/host by IP address or name and you’ll never see the “there is no RPC server available” error message again!

    Also, remember that Service Pack 2 causes the Winfax controller to break. You have to add it to the exceptions list in the Windows firewall.

    I hate Winfax but have learned to live with it as I’ve tried other bad network fax software but there’s nothing good that’s cheap. True to the rest of life!

    Just remember that I can share faxes to all 4 clients that I have at the office without problem, the problem is when I try to use the exterior i.p. ( internet I.P address ) it appears that message “there is no RPC server available”
    that’s when I input the i.p address to add a new client via internet. Any Clue ? Any help /advise ? I will do everything on my part to help me out on this issue. If you need to know what do I have on the configurations, etc, I will let you know, just ask or advise. I am believing that is a problem on my t1 administrator ? maybe a port forward or something ?
    I do not know, I am not an expert on networks that’s why I decided to come


    Please help !


    the simple answer is no you cannot share WinFax over the internet. Only internal network IP’s will work, and they must be on the same segment for best results. ie: , ,


    thanks for your answer

    it will be a good idea to connect through internet from your house to the office and check your office messages

    I will have to use other utility as VNC that remote controls your computer. Also I could not configure the smpt server with login and password It works fine on my outlook / express but not on winfax any hint ?

    I will appreciate in advance




    Has some info on e-mail logon problems with WinFax. You can try this out. Personally, I could not get WinFax PRO 10.0x Email integration working properly with Outlook or Outlook Express.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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