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    ‘Constants used with the WinFax SDK Image Conversion interface.

    ‘ File format identifiers for conversions from FX? format

    Public Const fxconvertFormatPcx As Long = 1 ‘ ZSoft PCX
    Public Const fxconvertFormatDcx As Long = 2 ‘ Multipage PCX (same as PCX)
    Public Const fxconvertFormatTif As Long = 3 ‘ Tagged Image File format
    Public Const fxconvertFormatBmp As Long = 4 ‘ Windows bitmap
    Public Const fxconvertFormatCcitt As Long = 5 ‘ TIFF CCITT
    Public Const fxconvertFormatCcittG31d As Long = 6 ‘ CCITT Group 3, one dimension
    Public Const fxconvertFormatCcittG32d As Long = 7 ‘ CCITT Group 3, two dimensions
    Public Const fxconvertFormatCcittG4 As Long = 8 ‘ CCITT Group 4
    Public Const fxconvertFormatWfxG31d As Long = 9 ‘ WinFax format using CCITT Group 3, 1D
    Public Const fxconvertFormatWfxG4 As Long = 10 ‘ WinFax format using CCITT Group 4

    ‘ File format identifiers for conversion to FX? format

    Public Const fxconvertFxFormatDefault As Long = 0 ‘ Default WinFax format
    Public Const fxconvertFxFormatG31d As Long = 1 ‘ WinFax format using CCITT Group 3, 1D
    Public Const fxconvertFxFormatG4 As Long = 2 ‘ WinFax format using CCITT Group 4

    ‘ 32 bit error values as per Win32 standard (see winerror.h)

    ‘ Use CLng(result) to convert error codes returned from the Conversion interface
    ‘ into values that can be compared to these constants.

    Public Const errFxconvertFileInfo As Long = &HE0040101 ‘ Failed to fetch file information
    Public Const errFxconvertInitBitmap As Long = &HE0040102 ‘ Failed to initialize file read structure
    Public Const errFxconvertSetPageToRead As Long = &HE0040103 ‘ Unable to set number of page to be read from file
    Public Const errFxconvertCantWriteDest As Long = &HE0040104 ‘ Unable to save file to disk in indicated format
    Public Const errFxconvertCantReadSrc As Long = &HE0040105 ‘ Unable to read file from disk
    Public Const errFxconvertBadPageNumber As Long = &HE0040106 ‘ Invalid page number
    Public Const errFxconvertBadFxFormat As Long = &HE0040107 ‘ Invalid FX format code
    Public Const errFxconvertBadBitsPerPixel As Long = &HE0040108 ‘ Invalid bits per pixel
    Public Const errFxconvertBadFormat As Long = &HE0040109 ‘ Invalid format code
    Public Const errFxconvertDescriptionTooLong As Long = &HE004010A ‘ Description string is too long

    Public Const errFxconvertUnknown As Long = &HE0040120 ‘ Unexpected error code
    Public Const errFxconvertCantCreate As Long = &HE0040121 ‘ Unable to create file
    Public Const errFxconvertFailedToOpen As Long = &HE0040122 ‘ Unable to open file
    Public Const errFxconvertBadWrite As Long = &HE0040123 ‘ Error writing to file
    Public Const errFxconvertBadRead As Long = &HE0040124 ‘ Error reading file
    Public Const errFxconvertNotOpen As Long = &HE0040125 ‘ File was expected to be open
    Public Const errFxconvertBadSeek As Long = &HE0040126 ‘ Error seeking in file
    Public Const errFxconvertLineCount As Long = &HE0040127 ‘ Unable to determine image linecount
    Public Const errFxconvertNotFxFormat As Long = &HE0040128 ‘ File is not a proper FX? format file

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