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    I have winfax client installed on my computer. When a fax comes into the host computer, I get an alert on my client machine that a fax was received. I cannot print it from this page, it just shows a list of all of the recieved faxes. The issue is when I go into the Message Manager on my client machine, the receive log is blank. I can go over to the host machine and see all of the incoming faxes there, but I cannot see them on the client machine. How can I corrcet this?


    When you first connect to the host by starting the client WinFax (at boot up, or when you start the WinFax controller), you should see the window that will display all the faxes from the Host machine. This window indicates a successful connection to the Host. Here it will display new faxes that have been received since the last connection, or you can select “Show All Messages” and all messages from the Host receive log will be displayed here.

    Have you tried selecting the faxes you want to “receive”, by selecting each individual fax in the upper window, and then clicking “Receive Now” ?

    Alternatively, if you received a fax on the Host while the client is already connected, you can right-click on the WinFax Controller and select “Manual Receive Now”. It should pop up the same window as described above, where you should be able to manually “receive” the fax from the Host into your client receive log.

    If you’re doing this already and the fax never appears in your receive log, then it is possible there is a problem with your local client data. (likely corrupt logs) which would involve additional troubleshooting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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