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    hi everybody,

    i would like to request your help,
    i use winfax pro 10.03 with windowxp sp1. when i try to send a fax, i can’t see no page in preview. when my data is more than one page, i can see the page preview except the last page.
    if i want to send a note with 3 pages, i can send page 1 and 2, but not page 3.
    if i want to send a note with 1 pages, i can’t send, i can’t see any page in the preview.

    thanks everybody, please help me out.


    What is the first page? A WinFax Cover Page?

    does a test page print work for the WinFax PRO printer driver?
    (Start WinFax, Go to Control Panel , Printer, right-click WinFax printer, properties, print test page.)

    if it fails you may need to reinstall the winfax printer driver
    (run insprint.exe from the winfax folder)

    or use WinFax Tools (subscribers only)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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