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    For years we’ve been sending a weekly fax of a Word Perfect template table. For the past month or so the 3rd & 4th characters from the left margin border line are partially or wholly missing. What is seen is a dash-like character even on blank rows. The border line & 1st 2 characters are fine. This has occurred for about 6 faxes and today experimented with the same result.

    There has been no change to WFP nor to the template. The copy seen in WFP is perfect, and it prints OK. The recipient claims they have made no changes & don’t experience this with other faxes. Would appreciate it if anyone could suggest a possible cause/method to fix this. This is on WinXP, believe it is WFP version 10.0.1, but can’t be positive because when I go to Message Mgr/Help/About Msg Mgr nothing comes up. Do not know off-hand what kind of fax machine the recipient is using.


    Are these identical faxes? or different faxes being transmitted to multiple recipients with this problem?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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