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    Hi guys,

    New Winfax user here. I like the program and would love to continue to use it but it keeps locking my machine needing a reboot. I’m using version 10,02 on an XP pro machine. The machine is a Pentium III 1 gigahertz. The modem is a Lucent Winmodem that is old but XP doesn’t seem to have a problem with it and it queries fine through XP and winfax. The program receives faxes as it should most of the time but it seems that after a long period of idle when it gets a fax the machine locks. Not even ctrl alt delete will get it back up. My first attempt at trouble shooting led me to turn hibernate off as I figured that couldn’t be good for things. Well that worked fine for a whole day. Yesterday. I get up this morning and the machine is dead. I reboot and all starts well. I open winfax and there is a fax from a unsolicited party, probably a mass faxing. So it appears that it crashed after it received the fax as the fax seems to be there in it entirety.

    I’m at a loss what would be causing this. I have done a re-install to try to solve the problem with no luck. The install seems to go without a hitch. I have this particular machine set as host and another machine set as client.

    A few of the variable that seem the same all the time;
    The machine seems to lock when it receives a fax after sitting for a long time. This is guaranteed to happen if I get a fax overnight.
    It is almost guaranteed if the fax is from a mass faxing source.

    That’s what I have been able to determine so far. I would like to keep using the software but I run a small business and can’t have my fax not working.

    Save me from paper jams.


    Have you tried rebuilding the logs?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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