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    Went back to a prior Acronis True Image and for some reason WFP 10.02 can’t open the phone books or see the fax history. Evidently it can’t read the data folder which remains in the folder, as well as a backup copied to another drive (not exported).

    Tried importing from both and it was an older version. There are 3 sets of files: my-ph-bk2, my-ph-bk, and my-ph-bks. The latter is the smallest with only .wfd, wfg, & wfx of 3kb, with the modified date of 2005. My-ph-bk has the latest date of 2008 and contains files wfb, wfd, wff, wfg, wfr, and wfx. Tried using the .wfx file (93kg). Tried all 3, and from both folders, but both are older books. Import wanted a .wfa file, but there is no such animal. Also import wanted winfax 7,8.9.10 with talkworks.wfb, but nothing listed so showed all files and selected the .wfx file (92kb with a late date), but same wrong books.

    Also tried making a new phone book and importing there with same result.

    So the basic question is how can WFP be set to read the contents of the data folder? Hopefully you pros at this will have an answer before the books are needed on Monday! Thanks, Miles


    Close WinFax (faxmng32.exe) and Controller (wfxctl32.exe), and WinFax Service if active (wfxsvc.exe)
    Rename the existing DATA folder to DATA_NEW
    copy the DATA folder from your backup location to the WinFax folder.
    Now start WinFax PRO .
    It should detect your default phonebook and default send/receive logs automatically. Any additional phonebooks and message stores may have to be manually added.

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    Thanks, John. That brought in phone books, but they were the older ones, so I spent half an hour updating and will use them. The only phone book file in Data with today’s date is my-ph-bk.wff which is 1kb. Which would contain the data, the .wfd file? If so, why wouldn’t it bear today’s modified date instead of 2005?

    No other files or folder in data have today’s modified date.
    This did not bring in cover pages which can be done with Import, but only 1 at a time — cannot select more with ctrl/shift or any combination. Is there another method? (Also cannot restore anything because it’s looking for a .wfa file which doesn’t exist.)

    Also the data history of msgs sent in the past is missing from the sent window which had 2 folders: Sent to customers and sent. Have no idea which folder they should be — not folder Log for it is empty. Do you happen to know what the file names would be?

    Still don’t understand why WFP is not seeing the data — is there a control file where the folder or file names can added?


    a default phonebook consists of a dozen or so seperate files, some are index files and are not updated with the current date/time stamp.

    Cover page files are usually stored in the COVER folder, so you’d have to have your original cover page files in this folder. The “cover.db” database file in your DATA folder should contain all the cover page information. If you are manually importing a cover page (.cvp) you can only do one at a time.

    You can determine where your data and cover pages are being stored by clicking HELP, ABOUT in WinFax. The paths are listed in the scrolling window.

    If you had additional message stores created and they are not displayed, then you have to add them manually. You can click on File, New, Message Store. Click Advanced, and select the Use Existing Message Store option, then select the appropriate “wfb” file that should be in your DATA folder. Do not select “my-ph-bk.wfb” or “status.wfb” as those are your default phonebook and send/receive logs respectively. Then type in a name and description and click OK to add the existing message store.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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