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    I can dial out for send, but never can connect — don’t know whether it’s a negotiation problem or not. HELP! [Am running WinFAX 10.0 (2002.02.14) under Windows 98. My LT Winmodem drivers have been updated.]



    is it a problem with a specific fax machine you are sending to, or all fax machines?



    Here are some settings that you can check.
    Please test after completing each section to see if the problem is resolved. If the problem persists, continue to the next section for another resolution.

    NOTE: Software-based modems are supported for faxing, but not for voice. Win-modems may not work with WinFax PRO 9.x, but most should work with WinFax PRO 10.x.

    Set up Winfax to automatically receive after three rings:
    Start Winfax PRO Message Manager.
    Click Tools and Program Setup….
    Double-click Receive in the right hand column.
    Check Automatically answer incoming calls, and type 3 in the box next to Answer after.
    Click the After Receive tab and make sure nothing is checked in this section.
    Click OK to save these changes.
    Click Close to get out of Program Setup.

    Determine if the modem is software based:

    Click Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
    Double-click Modems. If the modem label includes Win, then it is a Win-modem.
    If not, close Modems, click the Diagnostics tab, select the com port that the modem is on, and click More Info.
    Other possibilities for software based modems include:
    Com Port 5 or higher
    Interrupt Request (IRQ) is 9 or higher
    Address is 0
    NOTE: If any of these conditions appear, the modem may need to be removed and re-installed to solve the problem.

    Update the modem driver:

    Contact the modem manufacturer to see if there is an updated driver for the device.
    If there is, download the driver, and exit all open programs.
    Click Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel. The Control Panel window appears.
    Double-click Modems. The Modems Properties dialog box appears.
    Select the modem, and click Remove.
    Click Add. The Modem Setup wizard appears.
    Check “Don’t Detect My Modem…” and click Next.
    Click Have Disk, locate and select the new modem driver (a file with an .inf extension).
    Select the modem manufacturer from the Manufacturer list.
    Select the modem model from the Models list.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the modem in Windows.
    Restart the system for the changes to take effect.

    Reconfigure the modem in WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO:

    In Program Setup, double-click Modems and Other Fax Devices or Modems and Communication Devices.
    Select the modem you want to reconfigure.
    Press Shift and click Properties. You see the following message: “Your modem has not been configured to work with WinFax. Do you want to run the WinFax modem configuration wizard now?”
    Click Yes, and click Next. Follow the Modem Configuration Wizard through, and click Finish.
    Select the modem, and click Properties.
    Make sure that Communications Port is set to TAPI. If TAPI is not available, then there are modem driver or Windows problems with the modem. Please contact the modem manufacturer for further assistance.
    Change the Initialization Speed to 19,200.
    Click the Fax tab, uncheck 2D Compression, ECM for Sending, and ECM for Receiving in the Options section.
    Under Initialization String Sequence, write down the existing Initialization String and Flow Control settings.
    Change the Flow Control to one of the following:


    LT Winmodems
    ATQ1 or AT&K4


    HCF chipset
    Do not change

    Uncheck Use hardware Flow Control, click OK, click OK again, and click Close.
    Test with this configuration.

    Change the initialization string sequence:

    In Program Setup, double-click Modems and Other Fax Devices or Modems and Communication Devices.
    Select the modem, and then click Properties,
    Click the Fax tab, then write down the existing Initialization string sequence.
    Replace this with:

    Rockwell and LT Win-modems:

    All others:

    Click OK, click OK again, and then click Close.
    Test with this configuration.

    Shut down background applications:

    Windows 95/98

    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del once. The Close Program dialog box appears.
    Select an item in the list, and click End Task.
    Repeat these steps for each item in the list, except Explorer and Systray and WinFax applications.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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