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    I think I am using the Symantec macro in WinFax 2002 with my Word XP. I’m running WinXP. In Word, Tools, Templates and Add-Ins I find wfword2k.dot and wfwrd2k2.dot listed. wfword2k.dot is checked. wfwrd2k2.dot is shown but is not checked.
    Is this wfword2k.dot the Symantec macro? If not, how did I get the getfaxing.com macro? I’ve never downloaded it! Just found this forum.
    Thank you!



    wfword2k.dot is the Word 2000 macro from Symantec
    wfwrd2k2.dot is the Word XP macro from Symantec

    both these macros require you to use the low security setting in Word.

    the getfaxing.com macro is also called wfword2k.dot, this is to avoid conflicts with the existing symantec macro.
    also the getfaxing.com macro is a single file for both Word 2000 and Word XP. It does not require low security to function, as the macro is digitally signed.

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    😀 Thank you for the quick response. I am impressed – and will be a customer.



    You’re welcome!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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