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    I’m a Administrator for a Small 7 user business. Recently we noticed that the Message Manager would open but promply freeze. FaxMNG32.exe would utilize whatever CPU processes were left over. The Controller seems to work properly. I’ve also noticed that clicking on ‘Send New Fax…’ from the controller would lock up the WFXCTL32.exe. I’ve attempted rebuilding & optimizing the address book as well as the status database. Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.


    from what you are describing, it may be a problem with the logs, or a specific phonebook you are using. Do you have many entries in the send and receive logs?


    Yes. I know for a fact there are a lot of entries in the sent folder. (don’t know an exact number, cuz its crashing)

    What can I do to:
    a. possibly backup the sent entries.
    b. clear the entries.

    Finally, how many entries is too many?



    from the command prompt, go to the WinFax DATA directory (usually c:program fileswinfaxdata or c:program filessymantecwinfaxdata) and check the # of files in the DATA directory.)

    you can do this by simply typing DIR at the command prompt

    C:Program FilesWinFaxData> dir

    How many files do you have listed?


    So Yea.. There were A LOT of files in that data folder. 1.58GB to be exact. 21,184 Files. (not including the backup files, Temp files, & ‘Mapicfg’ folder. Is it safe to remove these files?



    FXR are received faxes, FXS are attachments, FXD are sent faxes. You can move or delete files with these extensions, however, this will DELETE the actual fax images from WinFax.

    If you need a record of the fax images, you don’t want to delete them from your WinFaxData directory.

    You can temporarily move these files, start with all the FXR files for example. Move them to another directory. If this cuts down the total # of files, you should be able to start WinFax PRO again. If not, you may need to move other types of files, such as FXS or FXD. Once you start WinFax PRO properly, you can move some of the files back to the original WinFaxData directory — at this point you need to perform some maintanence by deleting / archiving to a new message store, your old faxes.

    Make sure WinFax is shut down before you move any files to or from your WinFaxData directory.

    You should always have an entire backup of the WinFax directory structure, before you attempt any of this.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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