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    When I go into the config of winfax 10 to enable the use of the modem, during the modem test it says ‘modem busy’ and then “modem is in use, try closing some applications” what causes this? thank you


    if WinFax is set to use TAPI communications port, the modem can still be used by other applications. You may see this message if another application is accessing the modem port.


    I have just had this problem. It appeared after doing a complete Uninstall ‘ Reinstall of Winfax PRO 10.02, using the Disk. The test run after installation worked 100%. The next day, I was faced with an error message, asking me to close the COM1 port. This was an impossible task. Eventually I removed the D-Link DFM-562E External Fax Modem and did a complete Reinstallation including Drivers from the Disk.

    Presto – it worked 100% – and WinFax 10.02 has performed without a fault all this week, 🙂


    or you could have set it to TAPI instead of direct COM port mode
    that may have been the solution

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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