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    I need to send (from a VB6 program) assorted length faxes.

    If I select no cover page, then the quick-cover (which looks cr*ppy) will happily produce a three or four page ‘cover-page’ with SetCoverText.

    If I choose to SetCoverFile to a more elegant design of page, then everything after the first page is unashamedly excluded from the fax which is transmitted.

    Any ideas ?


    This is a limitation of cover pages, unfortunately, a predesigned cover page is only one page and no more. A quick cover page can be made to span multiple pages, as you’ve described.

    The only way you can do what you want would be to print your document (fax) in VB6 using the VB’s printer object using the WinFax PRO printer driver. You can then add any graphics etc, that you need, within the VB application. Yeah its more work, but it can be made to work.


    Thanks for clearing that up – there is no mention in the manual to distinguish my cover pages from Symantec’s.

    I will look into writing the file as a printed document, but it looks like a lot of code.

    I am from the old-school of programmers who believe that if a program doesn’t fit on one page of A4, it can be written more elegantly 🙂

    My first real PC had 4k back in 1973 (yes several years before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs) – and that held the BASIC interpreter as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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