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    I am a newbie to this forum.
    My winfax is sending out faxes as soon as I turn winfax on, any ideas?
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    You have pending faxes in your Outbox. If you don’t want to send these faxes, you need to delete the faxes from outbox or hold all the faxes from the outbox (so you can send them later).

    More info on faxes in the outbox here:



    Thanks for the quick reply, but the instructions on the link is that you can hold faxes that are waiting to be sent, not ones that are in the process of being sent.
    Just a reminder that my Winfax starts sending as soon as I start the Manager


    This is the same process regardless if the fax is being sent, or is waiting/pending in the outbox.
    The proper method to stop all faxes from being sent is to place them on hold. Any faxes that are currently being sent will fail to be placed on hold (you’ll see an error message) You’ll have to cancel that outgoing fax manually.
    if a fax is currently being sent, you can cancel it by clicking the Cancel button from the Status window that appears. If you don’t have a Status window (you turned it off), then a cancel button will appear in the botton right corner of the Fax Manager program window.
    Once you cancelled the outgoing fax, no other faxes should attempt to send if you properly held the faxes from the outbox.
    You can now click on the Outbox folder and delete any faxes you want from there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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