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    I just bought WinFax Pro 10.0-tried to install on one computer..apparently my phone modem is dead? I updated the drivers for the lucent modem.. (this one on cable modem) so forget that one for now..tried to install on another older PC (Pentium) it told me I cannot install without a printer driver (?) to back out of the setup. Does that mean I have to go buy a printer to run this program?

    Thought I’d try and go back and install it again to see if I missed something on the old PC that is connected with a Zoom modem that works =0). it told me I have to uninstall WinFax Pro. NO WHERE TO UNINSTALL IT! It’s not showing up in the Add/Remove Programs, nor a folder, etc..Now I’m stuck. I still haven’t bought a printer for this older PC-am considering doing it, although I don’t understand WHY I have to have a printer installed. I was going to use this PC specifically for faxes.

    HELP! This is driving me crazy.

    Hope this makes sense. A lot of glitches here and bought this expensive program I can’t take back. Any advice, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!


    Hi Higgie,

    What you need to do on the old computer is install a printer driver (no need to really have a printer installed, just install the driver) usually, installing an HP Laserjet works fine. To do this, you will need your Windows CD ROM. Go to the Control Panel, Printers icon. Then click Add Printer. Follow the steps to add a “Local” printer. Select from the list, HP Laserjet. Follow the on screen prompts. You will need your Windows CD at this point.

    Once you have the driver installed, then go ahead a reboot the system and continue to install WinFax PRO 10.

    Here are some Symantec documents on this problem:

    Problem Installing after a cancelled install:


    Problem installing with no printer driver:


    Problem installing with no LPT1 port on your PC:


    Hope this works out for you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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