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    Using WinFax PRO 10.03 in Windows XP pro.
    We have been using 2 modems to simultaneously send faxes with Winfax.
    Lately, one of the modems is unable to send faxes to a specific destination, which used to work before.
    The send fails with error message “No carrier”. Sending with the second modem works but it’s not the default modem, so usually winfax tries to send with problematic modem.
    All other destinations work fine with both modems.
    I realize this may not be a winfax related problem but my questions are:
    1) What could the “No carrier” error message suggest about the origin of the problem? Could you provide assistance in troubleshooting this problem?
    2) How can I set the modem that always works as the default modem? I didn’t find a place where you could determine the order, it seems to automatically choose one modem over the other.

    Thank you.


    you can configure WinFax to only use a specific modem to send faxes, leaving the other modem available to receive faxes.
    This option is available in Tools, Program Setup, Send, Advanced (Tab) The Advanced Tab only appears when you have configured 2 fax modems in WinFax.

    NO CARRIER indicates that the modem did not detect a fax signal. This can be the result of no answer after a specified timeout (usually 55 seconds timeout)
    NO CARRIER can also be the result of a voice answer (an answering machine or voice prompt asking you to press 1 to send a fax), or other error condition that caused the modem to hang up prematurely.
    Some fax modems (some US Robotics) do not send a CNG (a fax tone) until the other fax machine answers with a fax signal. This can pose a problem with some fax machines that only send out the signal when they “hear” a fax machine at the other side (sometimes used for both voice and fax). This can cause your fax modem to generate NO CARRIER after a 55 second timeout.

    IF this is a problem with only fax number then you need to determine if this number is answering as voice and requesting to press a number to send a fax. If it is asking to press a button to send a fax, you can alter the fax number in your phone book to include that button press. For example, if the number is 707-555-1212 you can add additional delay by use of a comma (1 comma=2 second delay) . Example: 707-555-1212,,1 (would wait 4 seconds after dialing the number, then dial 1)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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