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    I have recently been getting a No Carrier error, on SOME faxes. Some times they go thru,
    sometimes they done, seems early morning they work better (?)
    These are numbers Ive faxed repeated before, and when I fax with the fax machine;
    they go right thru?


    What are the options for updating and going to a new program?

    Ive never been able to send with outlook either, and would appreciate any help…?

    Thank you
    [email protected]


    What kind (make,model?) of fax modem are you using? What are the settings in WinFax for this fax modem?

    NO CARRIER indicates that there was no answer (usually after 55 seconds of the phone ringing) or the modem did not detect any fax “CNG” tone. This can occur when some machines answer with a voice message, and then switch to a fax machine tone once they “hear” the other end is a fax machine. Some fax modems don’t properly send the CNG tone to these types of devices.

    NO CARRIER can also indicate a dialing problem, where the required digits were not successfully dialed due to missing long distance access codes, area codes, etc.

    The latest version of WinFax is version 10.03, there are no upgrades for this. You can move to another fax program, such as FaxTalk http://www.getfaxing.com/faxtalk

    You cannot send faxes with Outlook, you can send fax image files via email that are created in WinFax via Outlook email . You need to have a compatiblle Outlook version(you did not mention) and you need to enable Outlook integration in the WinFax Setup.


    Thank you-

    Problem is, all of these are faxes and numbers that I have successfully sent faxes to in the past.

    Modem dials, connects and appears to connect completely – then get a no carrier error.

    We even increased the time to 90 secs on the string – with no benefit.

    Phone company has checked all the settings also, and worked perfectly – spent several hours with them dialing with 1, without and with area code, etc – nothing helps – some are local calls – some long distance

    We changed speeds to different baum rates, with no changes, so they are set at min / max at any speed available.

    Disabled asast firewall also.

    Im using 2003 Outlook. I think these problems started when I turned Outlook integration on, and have shut it off…?

    Winfax is receiving perfectly.

    Modem is an Aopen FM56pv model on com4 (controllerless)

    Can I move over to these other fax programs and move phonebook over?

    I cant pay with CC on PayPal, and would love to get support on these issues.

    Thank you



    I suggest you plug a phone into the same line and listen to the call if you cannot hear what is being dialed.
    This will confirm if the number is dialed correctly, and the other end is answering as a fax.

    You can also turn the volume to the highest setting in WinFax to hear the call, but because of poor speakers on internal modems, you sometimes cannot hear them well , so this is why I suggest plugging a phone into the same line to “eavesdrop” on the fax call.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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