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    I am receiving several “no carrier” results in a row and then finally a fax is sent successfully. Should I suspect something is not right other than the fact that the fax numbers are not fax lines?

    None of the area codes are in my area so this should not be a result of local/long distance area code configurations.


    No carrier is a message response from the fax modem, when using WinFax the message could be the result of :

    a. no answer after 55 seconds (55 seconds is the default time before modem hangs up with No carrier message)
    b. a voice answered, answering machine, voice mail, recording etc. but no fax signal detected within 55 seconds. ( not a fax number)
    c.the line was busy, but the modem did not detect the busy signal, hangs up after 55 seconds.
    d. some other problem where the fax did not respond, and modem hangs up after 55 second wait for a signal.

    usually, its the common result of NO CARRIER message is a or b.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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