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    I have windows xp and winfax10.03. program used to work great.

    This week I try using winfax to fax documents from word. The macro works but when the send screen open no fax image is created.

    It is like word is not passing the info to winfax.

    I try printing from notepad and excel and it does not work either.

    I try uninstalling and reinstalling winfax but nothing seems to work.

    Please help.


    I am having the same problems. It was working fine and now it will not send my document to be faxed. It will only show my cover page and that is all it will fax too. What can we do?


    I too am having this difficulty with one workstation out of about 30. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, reinstalling under a different profile as well. Uhm… I’ve tried printing to the winfax printer from multiple apps, notepad, word, ie, etc… it pops up the send screen, but with no data. Alternatively if you try to “insert” a document to fax on the send screen, that does not work as well. You mentioned you were successful in helping some people? what is the solution?


    we have released a fix for this problem
    it can be downloaded in the WinFax Updates & Patches section of our Premium downloads area.

    we thank those who have supported us with a subscription to the premium forums, if this forum has helped you please support it.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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