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    I have been through numerous attempts in many different ways to get this working.
    windows xp; sp3; ie8; winfax 10.0.4; and magicjack.
    sending and receiving work fine.
    automatically receiving on the other hand does not pick up at all what so ever!
    modem is setup properly.
    manual receive works fine.
    sending works fine.
    uninstalled and reinstalled both winfax and modem and even updated modem drivers.
    the modem is a Motarola SM56 Data Fax Modem.
    i have done many a things and cannot get this to autoreceive.
    please help me i have been fighting with this for a while now.
    i like to do stuff on my own but at this point i am completely stuck and out of ideas to get what i have working.


    Fax Modems usually have two jacks, one usually labelled “Phone” (or with a icon of a phone) and the other is “Line”, “Data” or “Line In”. The Magicjack device should be plugged into the jack labelled “Line In”, “Line” or “Data” and NOT the phone/phone icon jack. This jack is used for an extension phone only.

    What you’re describing appears to be a problem with the modem not detecting a RING signal from the Magicjack. This may be the result of the Magicjack not generating enough power to display a RING signal to the modem (or a problem with the modem). WinFax (like most other faxsoftware) requires “RING” to be sent to the serial port before it will answer the call as a Fax. For example, if you set WinFax to answer in 3 rings, it will wait until it sees 3 consecutive “RING” messages before it will answer the phone (when set to auto-receive)

    Here are a couple items you can check:

    1. Try connecting the the modem to a regular phone line if possible. Does it also have the same problem?
    2. Try configuring HyperTerminal to answer a call to confirm if the modem is detecting incoming calls through MagicJack
    3. If you have too many devices on the same telephone line, you may have exceeded the REN. This could cause incoming ring problems which could related to not displaying RING, or missing or invalid Caller ID information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringer_equivalence_number
    4. Try plugging a standard, regular telephone into the Magicjack. Does it ring the phone when calling your Magicjack number? If it doesn’t, its possible there is a problem with the Magicjack (or, see #3 about REN)


    You may also want to post the Modem driver information if you still have problems. The drivers may be updated to the latest Windows XP drivers which may not be the recommended drivers for your specific Smartlink Modem.

    You can try these drivers for Smartlink (v4.20.01 Windows XP 32 bit/Windows 2000 )


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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