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    Issue 191, July 2002 of PC PLUS magazine

    Our Web site was mentioned in this issue of this magazine, since we do not receive this magazine in the United States can someone please inform us (or perhaps scan the page) where we were mentioned ?



    I have been using an HP Officejet 500 for about five years. It just died, and I need to replace it. But none of the replacement hardware appears to come with software that supports a feature I can’t live without: All incoming faxes were sent to my PC, where I could manipulate them (crop, rotate to correct skew, delete black marks, etc.) before I chose to print (or not print) them. Could Winfax Pro do this for me? Does it work with any PC-attached standlone equipment (fax only or all-in-one)?


    I doubt WinFax is compatible with the OfficeJet 500, but you can probably install a Fax Modem on your PC and use that inconjunction with the OfficeJet 500. The Fax Modem will receive the faxes and you use the OfficeJet 500 to print them. You can manipulate the faxes within the WinFax PRO software. Yes it does all what you mention (rotate, skew, edit, print etc.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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