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    Daniel T

    Hi all,

    Just recently reformatted my computer. I have Win XP Pro SP2, using Goldmine and Outlook phone books. I have Outlook 2007, but the PST was originally older version – I don’t know if somehow it gets ‘converted’ and / or whether or not I can change it back to a more backward-compatible version, nor if this is even the problem, but Winfax is not able to open the Outlook phone book. Goldmine works fine (of course).

    Using Winfax 10.04 (10.0.2002.1212)

    Any thoughts? I hope this can be resolved


    Unfortunately, Outlook 2007 contacts are not compatible with WinFax PRO. The workaround would be to export your contact list into a format that can be imported into WinFax. The only problem with this is any updated contacts in Outlook will not be reflected in WinFax (unless you perform the export/import again)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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