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    I can import my old phonebook with no problem, but within the old phonebook on the old computer there were lists which for some reason do not import. I have been moving data files from the old pc to the new one but can’t find a file which holds these lists. How do I move them? Thanks for any help anyone can give.


    You didn’t mention what version of WinFax you are now using, and what version of WinFax were the phonebooks originally created in that are being imported? and what option do you select when you perform the import.

    As for not finding “lists”, do you mean Groups? Phonebooks can contain “groups” which are used to send a groups of people you define in WinFax.


    They’re both WinFax 10. The new one is 10.3. I guess I do mean groups. I use the regular export/Import functions. But I also went in and copied all the stuff from the old Data folder into the new Data folder, hoping something was in there that I could use.
    Thanks for your very fast reply.


    If you exported a phonebook to ASCII or dBASE, you lose the group information in the export. So, if you import that same file as a phonebook, you’ll only get the phonebook records and not group information.

    If you copied the entire contents of the old DATA folder to the new DATA folder, that would work but you have make sure you only do this when WinFax Controller and the WinFax Service is not active. Otherwise, the copy will probably fail, and can corrupt data because partial files are copied

    For subscribers *In WinFax Tools, choose “End all WinFax Tasks” and “WinFax Service Options” – Disable WinFax Service**

    If all the files were properly copied, and the phonebook was a default phonebook, then the phonebook and all its groups should then appear automatically.

    If it wasn’t a default phonebook, then you have to add the phonebook into WinFax, FILE, NEW, PHONEBOOK. Select “Link to existing phonebook…” then type the Phonebook name you want to use, click Next..then select type “WinFax PRO …” phonebook. You then have to “Browse” and select the appropriate phonebook (.wfb) file from your DATA folder.

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    I apologize for not getting back to you right away. My computer crashed and I have been working to get it running again. I haven’t been able to look into the advice you gave me, but I will and get back to you at some point. Many thanks for your help so far.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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