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    Been using Winfax for years and love it.
    Sadly getting more flakey these days, as OS are updated.
    After a recent re-install I am now getting very poor print quality when printing to Winfax to send.
    Quality is set to photo, but it is not printing in photo.
    Any ideas anybody.
    Your assistance would be much appreciated.


    Quality on the screen? or the result of the fax image that is received on the fax machine?

    If its the document received on the fax machine, make sure your sending the fax at the highest resolution, which is 200×200 dpi, (Fine Resolution and not Standard) .

    The two WinFax printer drivers can be used for specfic types of documents, if you have a document with pictures, then you might want to use the Photo Quality driver, if it is mostly text, then try the regular WinFax driver instead to generate the fax.

    If its the fax that you’re viewing on the screen, the output of the monitor is going to get you different results on different monitors resolutions, so if your getting “worse” results, perhaps its your settings on the monitor and not the actual WinFax page. The fax will be the same 200×200 dpi (Fine/High) or 200×100 dpi (Standard/Low) resolution when it is transmitted.

    Also, the actual output of the printer driver also depends on what you are printing and from the application you are using. You might get a different quality output using Word 2007 then you would with Adobe PDF for example. This is the best you are going to get with fax, and results may vary with different applications you are printing from.

    You can also try altering settings in the Setup, Printer Driver options.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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