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    We currently have a network printer linked to the WinFax server. We have WinFax set to automatically recieve and to print the document on this shared printer (I shall refer to it as “The Brother”).

    However, after the fax is recieved, we are stunned to recieve the error “Printer Not Available.” We have opened all the permissions on the network and we have no idea why this isn’t working.

    (Note: This worked with Version 9, but is currently not working with Version 10.4) The weird thing is, The Brother can print fine when preforming a network print job (A word doc, a text file, etc). What’s ever weirder is that if we print the document manually, and not through the “Print After Recieving” function, it prints fine.

    In short, how can we fix this issue so we don’t have to continously print all of our faxes by hand.

    Thank you very much in advance.


    Try this:

    In WinFax, Go to the Printer After Receive Settings and
    Change the printer to another local printer or another network printer (if this is possible)

    then, check to see if it will automatically print to that printer after receiving a fax.

    Once you’ve done this, switch the settings back to the “Brother” networked printer and try it again.


    No, that doesn’t work either. It still says that the printer is not available.


    However, I will try to do it with a local printer sometime within the week, but, it would be ideal if it was networked.


    You can also try the following

    click start, run
    type “c:program fileswinfaxsymdiag.exe” (or correct path where Winfax is installed )
    click OK.
    Click OK when warning message appears
    Click Restore Default Settings
    Scroll down to the last option.
    Select “Print on Receive Registry Key”
    Click Reset.

    Start WinFax, Program Setup
    Go to Receive, After Receive,
    Re-select printer driver options.


    Thanks for this suggestion – we tried it but no solution.

    Fax printed fine all faxes received until HP multifunction on usb 01 died and we switched printer by defect to Brother on usb 02.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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