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    When I print a document to winfax 10.03, I sometimes get the send screen that hangs up. On the bottom of the screen, the indicating message says Printing Page 1 and thats where it stays. CPU Usage generally goes up, and the only way out is for me to End Process. (task manager – kill controller)

    Not running as a service

    This is Not generally repeatable at will – very random. I am not printing large files, usually 1 oe 2 page pdf files or word files. and it hangs on page 1.

    Windows XP home, was SP2 now SP3 — happened in both. I have fixed the printer driver through using your utility for the “cover Page Only” prints problem. It corrected that, but this one has happened again a few times.


    are you using the file, print option in Word or Adobe PDF when this hang occurs? or are you attaching a .doc or .pdf file after the Send Dialog appears?

    If this happens in Word, try unchecking the “Background Printing” option (I believe this is under Tools, Options, Print in Word XP/2003 )
    This will disable background printing in Word for all printers including WinFax. This is known to cause problems in some cases for WinFax.

    This is something you can try but this wouldn’t explain the occurance of this problem when printing PDF files.

    Its also possible the hang isn’t related to printing at all, but the loading of the send dialog box (possibily phonebook related, ACT! or Outlook link?) and occurs at the same time the print job is processed.


    I am using the File – Print Option in Adobe
    select winfax pro


    what version of Adobe?
    is the WinFax Controller already active when you perform the print operation to the WinFax printer driver?
    what process is using all the CPU?


    Acrobat 8 Pro ver 8.1.2 but I’ve also printed using reader and had troubles, but I do not have specifics on that. Its been a while

    Yes – controller is already active

    wfxctl32.exe is using CPU – but not extreme usage – prob 10-15%


    Is this only occuring with Adobe now?
    If it is a random occurance it may be difficult to diagnose. Do the PDF files have graphic / color images on them?


    it is only occurring with PDF – but I think thats because I don’t really try doing it with word files any more.

    yes – its kind of random, but it will usually do it after printing just a few different ones in a row.

    Yes – there probably are soem minor graphic images and color – primarily logos , etc I can print a specific file, and then a while later – the same file will hang. It just happened to me now – which is while I remembered to look here again.


    unfortunately , don’t have Adobe Acrobat Professional version to try, only have the free Reader software and have not encountered any problems with printing existing PDF documents to the WinFax PRO driver.

    What you may want to try in the future is open the WinFax Send Dialog First, then perform the FILE, PRINT operations from the application you want to generate a fax image. This trick also allows you to print from multiple applications without having to save as a fax attachment first.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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