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    Hi All,
    I am automating the faxing of crystal reports through VB6. I have no
    problem doing this when I am on a machine that has Winfax on it and is
    acting as a host or a standalone version. What I can not figure out
    is why it fails when faxing from a winfax installation that is
    configuered to be a client.

    below is the code that is being used
    all retcodes as expected for success
    this statement never is true
    objWinFaxSend.IsEntryIDReady(0) <> 1

    ‘determine the printer port for winfax port is different on
    98,2000 & Xp
    Dim P As Object
    For Each P In Printers
    If P.DeviceName Like “*WinFax*” Then
    printerPort = P.Port
    Exit For
    End If
    Next P

    If objWinFaxSend Is Nothing Then
    Set objWinFaxSend = CreateObject(“WinFax.SDKSend”)
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.ResetGeneralSettings()
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetResolution(1)
    End If

    If contact = “” Then
    strRecipient = “Human Resources”
    strRecipient = contact
    End If
    strFaxNumber = fnum

    retcode = objWinFaxSend.LeaveRunning()

    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetTo(strRecipient)
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetNumber(strFaxNumber)
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetCompany(coname)
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetSubject(“Random Report”)

    If cover Then
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetUseCover(1)
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetCoverFile(“z:pdoxcov.cvp”)
    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetCoverText(“Random Report”)
    End If

    retcode = objWinFaxSend.AddRecipient()

    retcode = objWinFaxSend.SetPrintFromApp(1)

    retcode = objWinFaxSend.Send(1)

    retcode = objWinFaxSend.ShowSendScreen(0)

    rpt.SelectPrinter “WinFax”, “WinFax”, printerPort ‘”NE00:”

    rpt.PaperOrientation = crDefaultPaperOrientation
    rpt.PrintOut False

    Do While objWinFaxSend.IsEntryIDReady(0) <> 1

    ‘set winfax object instance to nothing

    Set objWinFaxSend = Nothing
    Set P = Nothing
    End Sub

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    what version of windows is the host/standalone, and what version of windows for the client?
    also what are the versions of WinFax used in both?
    (check Help, About for release version & date)


    I have tried these configurations
    (not successfull)
    Host/standalone Win98 with winfax pro 10.02
    client win xp with winfax pro 10.02
    standalone win98 with winfax 10.02
    win98 with winfax 9.03
    win xp with winfax 10.00

    As a final situation I will need to be able to fax the reports with a host (win98 winfax 10.0) and clients that can be win98,win2K & winxp running winfax 10



    Windows XP and WinFax PRO 10.02 combinations will not work due to a bug in WinFax PRO 10.02 SDK. (See forums for this problem)

    Your code shows printing using Port “NE01” which is used in Windows NT/2000/XP only. It should not work in Windows 9x


    I realized the printer problem when I when from 98 (LPT1:) into winxp that is why I query the Printers collection to get the port on the current machine ( the Ne00: is commented out,hard to read in the post)

    Just to confirm what you are saying. If I stick with Winfax 10.0 or earlier I will be able to send faxes from machines acting as clients using the same code as if they were standalone machines?



    yes if you stick with 10.0 you should be ok with 9x/2000/XP

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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