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    I have been attempting to transfer faxes from my Receive Log and Send Log into the Archive directories that I have set up. At first I tried to move the fax over by using a simply drag&drop method, but it would just freeze Winfax. I figured that I was perhaps trying too much data at once, and tried to move just ONE log entry into the archive directory. Unfortunately, the result is still the same and WinFax still gets stuck.

    Version 10.03

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,



    In WinFax Tools, click on Logs & Phonebooks, and click Check Send/Rec Limits button. What does it report here?
    If it reports a warning, then the default logs are full or almost full.

    If you created a new archive message store, you need to make sure that the message store is located in a different folder on your hard drive. If the archive message store is in the same folder where your default data is, you are just moving faxes around and not freeing any space at all. Before moving faxes into message stores, you should also make sure that you have already applied the “Move/Copy Logs Disk Space Error” patch to WinFax .

    You can create a new message store by creating a new folder in Windows Explorer, this could be anywhere on your hard drive but usually you can create a sub-folder underneath your existing WinFaxData folder (example, C:Program FilesWinFaxDataArchive-Folder-2012 )
    Now in WinFax you create the message store by clicking on File, New Message Store. Type in any descriptive Name , then click Advanced. Click Set Location and find the new empty folder you just created (example: C:Program FilesWinFaxDataArchive-Folder-2012) . Click OK and this will create an empty message store in WinFax. You can now create sub-folders underneath the message store in WinFax to sort your faxes. You can drag and drop faxes into these folders.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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