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    I have dail up internet so when I try to update it say the modem may be in use. is there a way around this using dail up internet ?
    2. what is LUALL.exe.? never seen before when trying to do live update untill recent. could downloading a patch to upgrade from winfax 10.0 to 10.01 have anything to do with it?


    Symantec removed all updates to WinFax PRO from the LiveUpdate server long ago, with the exception of a notification that is sent to users that attempt to perform a LiveUpdate with 10.03 and Wndows XP installed. A message is added to your Receive Log for WinFax PRO 10.03 users using Windows XP only that informs you of a 10.04 update that is available for those using Fax Sharing under Windows XP SP3 (that has to be downloaded separately)

    Effectively, LiveUpdate does not perform any update to WinFax PRO.

    A LiveUpdate from version 10.00 to 10.01 existed for a brief time in early January 2001, it was pulled after a few days after it was discovered to cause a problem with some installations of WinFax PRO 10.0. The main fix in this update was to change the fax self-extracting .EXE file format for e-mail forwarding, to a multipage fax .FXM format.

    LUALL.exe is a process used by LiveUpdate. If you have other Symantec products installed on this system, you should download the latest LiveUpdate version from Symantec. They have the latest update available for download on their site. If you don’t use other Symantec products, you should uninstall LiveUpdate — or , make sure it isn’t set to automatically check for updates (so it never activates by itself)

    Modem in use message is normal if you have WinFax set to use COM port instead of TAPI mode. The only way both Winfax and your dial up internet can share the modem usage would be to set WinFax to use TAPI mode. (Tools , Modems & Communicatons Devices, Select Modem, click Properties)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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