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    Initial problem was backup. Could only get WFB, then would fail with WFD. Tried several re-installs but best i could get back was the 2005 stuff. Also seemed to ge generating increasing number of “STATUS” files. I made up separate file for FXD, FXR, and STATUS files, (at least they aren’t deleted), moved all to a zip disk, did a FULL uninstall, a COLD install. ALL the STATUS files back???? (minus the WFA file), and i can’t get the FXD & FXR files back. I also did something dumb (always “THE OPERATOR”) because the FXR is set to open with WFXSWTCH, AND I can’t change it back to WFXVWR.
    Probably something simple, but I’M LOST.
    Any assistance will be appreciated.

    “BOATS” 🙁


    The WinFax backup option usually fails when your data folder gets too big. Unfortunately, uninstall & reinstalls don’t solve this problem and usually dig you into a deeper technical hole.

    The best backup method is to copy the entire WinFax folder, including the DATA folder and any other folders where you store WinFax information.

    Renaming any of the WinFax files is not a good idea, and manually copying backup files to your WinFax folder while WinFax, the Controller, or the WinFax Service is active is not a good idea and you’ll likely end up with a DATA folder full of fax files with a blank send and receive log.

    As for changing FXRs/FXDs/FXSs so they would open with the WinFax Viewer, right click any FXR file, select “Open With…” option , then select the WinFax Viewer file and enable the “Always open with ..” option.. Repeat steps for each file type that you want to open with The WinFax Viewer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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