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    The day before my company replace a pc for receiving fax, after i installed all the things and done a test with physical fax machine. There wasn’t any things go wrong. However, on the other days i found that there isn’t any fax were receive (before replacing the pc, everydays will receive about 4-5 junk fax)

    Then, i think if where were any problem with receiving fax. I had a test with a physical fax machine against, and i could receive the fax. However, when i try to use a pc to sending a fax, i could not receive that fax and i could only got a “Line Busy” message.

    If there is any people can help me to fix this problem. Thanks a lot!!

    the fax machine config as follow
    WinME + WinFax Pro 10 + internal PCI modem

    Sorry for my bad english…


    Line Busy message usually indicates a problem with dialing, if you know the number you are dialing is not busy. Check your dialing settings in WinFax to ensure you are dialing the number properly and that your area code, country code, etc are entered properly in WinFax. If you require a prefix to dial in your office for an outside line, you must include it in the Prefix settings (for example, Dial 8 for an outside line)

    Here is a good test to determine if modem is answering or detecting incoming calls properly


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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