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    I recently purchased winfax pro 10.03 and tried to install onto my machine with winfax pro 10.0, I uninstalled the old version as prompted and installed the new version, everything goes fine until I try to set up the machine as a winfax host. I get a message stating that I cannot do this under the basic version and I must upgrade. Yet I purchased the pro version. Please help

    Secondly does anyone know the limit to the amount of modems that I can install into one machine and have winfax manage all of them?.

    I have tried to uninstall on another machine and get cannot find WFXUNIST.ISU, i searched another pc and found the file and copied it to the winfax program directory, yet it still fails, how do you force an uninstall without losing your winfax data ?.


    Try this on the system running 10.03 which indicates some features are not working (such as WinFax Host)

    Run Wtnsetup.exe

    1. Exit all open programs and stop the WinFax PRO service if running Windows NT or 2000.
    2. Click Start, point to Find and choose Files or Folders. The Find dialog box appears.
    3.Select the drive on which you installed WinFax PRO from the Look In drop-down list.
    4. In the Named field, type wtnsetup.exe and click Find Now. Windows will find and display all files matching your search criteria in the lower half of the Find dialog box.
    5. Double-click the Wtnsetup.exe file and follow the prompts through reconfiguring WinFax PRO.
    6. Reboot the system for the changes to take effect.
    7. Restart WinFax PRO.

    Also, WinFax can manage up to 2 Fax/Modems per machine.

    As for uninstalling, you can try reinstalling the software overtop your existing version. I’d recommend installing the same version overtop (10.0 over 10.0, or 10.02 over 10.02) etc. Once you do this, you should be able to run the “Uninstall” option successfully. There are manual uninstall documents available on Symantec’s Web site if you want to do a manual uninstall while still keeping your WinFax data.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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