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    We’ve been evaluating your Digitally Signed WinFax Macro for WinFax Pro and wanted to run some questions by you.

    We are currently using Word 2003 and have followed the instructions for installing the demo version of the Macro (manual install). We noticed that while the Macro seemed to have installed correctly, we do not see any one-touch icon on the Word Toolbar to launch WinFax Pro. We double-checked that the WFWord2K.dot option is checked in the “Templates and Add-ins” window and that the WFWord2K.dot file is located in the correct area (c:Program FilesWinFax Macro & C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice11Startup). We noticed that the file date on the WFWord2K.dot was 412002 which seemed a bit old. Could this be part of the problem? We also noticed that there is no reference to the Digital Certificate that the Macro uses in the Trusted Publishers area of the Macro > Security Tab.

    Also, how long are the Digital Certificates that the Macro uses good for? A Year? Three Years? Are we going to be notified when those certificates expire and how do we renew the certificates?

    Any information you might have related to these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



    Do you see the options for WinFax Macro Setup and Mail Merge in the Tools menu?

    What are your security settings set to in Word 2003?

    also, what is listed in the “Trusted Sources” tab (within Tools, Macros, Security) section? The macro is signed with the name “MultiVision Computers”, so this should appear in this section. If it does not, the Macro was not accepted by Word 2003. I would suggest setting your macro settings to “Medium”, so when you start Word 2003 it should prompt you about the “Wfword2k.dot” macro file. Once it does, accept it and then it should appear in the “Trusted Sources” tab as MultiVision Computers. You can then change your security back to High, and it should still install properly since it is a trusted source.

    The digital certificate that is attached to the wfword2k.dot macro should never expire, providing that the file is not altered in anyway. The 4/1/2002 file date is correct for the wfword2k.dot file.

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    Thanks for helping us troubleshoot this particular problem. Went ahead and followed your recommendations. After we reset the Security Settings to medium (it was set to High) and saved the changes (we also needed to recreate the Normal.dot file to save these settings) we were able to see the two “Winfax” icons and settings. We also confirmed that the MultiVision Certificate was registered in the Trusted Certificates area.

    Thanks also for confirming the information related to the certificate itself. Everything looks pretty good so we’ll probably purchase registration for the certificates that we are needing.

    Thanks again guys for all your help with this.




    One more question, I assume we need to purchase a WinFax Macro license for every WinFax User Machine that we are intending to install it on (in other words if we are needing to install the macro on eight systems we need to purchase eight copies of the WinFax Macro and not just one).

    Just wanted to check to see if this was correct.

    Thanks again.




    Yes, this is correct. If you have any additional questions please let us know!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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