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    sendEventObj.LeaveRunning ‘leave fax controller running – strongly recommended by documentation

    ‘// dialing settings
    sendEventObj.SetUsePrefix (1) ‘true
    sendEventObj.SetDialPrefix (“9”)

    ‘// recipient settings
    sendEventObj.SetNumber (strFaxNumber)
    sendEventObj.SetTo (strDebtorName)
    sendEventObj.SetDate (Now())
    sendEventObj.AddRecipient ‘this is mandatory

    ‘// cover page settings
    sendEventObj.SetUseCover (1) ‘true
    sendEventObj.SetQuickCover (0) ‘false

    ‘// additional settings
    sendEventObj.EnableBillingCodeKeyWords (1)
    sendEventObj.SetKeywords (strRecordID)
    sendEventObj.ShowSendScreen (0) ‘deliberately NOT show Send Dialog or it will take control and hang program
    sendEventObj.SetPreviewFax (0) ‘stop this dialog too!
    sendEventObj.ShowCallProgress (1) ‘show the call as it progresses

    ‘// attach Word doc (doc will be converted to image automatically)
    sendEventObj.AddAttachmentFile (FILEPATH & TOBESENT & strDocName)

    lblMessage.Caption = “Sending Fax”
    sendEventObj.Send (1) ‘1 = create EventID

    I am writing an automated fax app. The above cover page settings never change. (Always use a Custom Cover page.) However, I may successfully send three faxes and then the Quick Cover window will open on the fourth send and hang the app. I have to reboot to cancel the send.

    I cannot consistently duplicate this error. It seems to occur at random. Is there a known problem with using Custom Cover pages? Any suggestions will be appreciated!


    Likely a problem with timing, since you are using AddAttachmentFile, WinFax is probably starting some other application to print the documents you are attaching. Make sure you don’t continue until WinFax is done printing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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