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    Hi – unsure if this may be related to my backup problem posted in the other category but when we go to ‘resubmit’ a message (do it lots for bidding process), messenger manager window comes up with ‘invalid cover text file’ & takes us back to the send log. Winfax Pro 10.02. XP SP2.

    Thanks for any help.


    what is the size of your DATA Directory? How many faxes are your send/receive logs? How many files are in the DATA directory?

    It may be data corruption, or possible log structure errors.

    Before you attempt anything, I would suggest you manually backup the entire WinFax folder, “c:program fileswinfax” or “c:program filessymantecwinfax’ is usually the default install folder depending on the installation.

    Copy the entire directory (not move) to another backup folder, such as “WinFax Backup” , so you have a mirror image of the WinFax directory somewhere else. This won’t solve the problem, but will at least give you a backup before possible data loss.

    I suggest you do this while WinFax and the Controller is shut down.


    The data directory itself is over 5500 objects. The log directly is empty. In the Winfax prgram, there are 134 faxes in the receive log & 1234 in the send log.

    We try to keep only what is necessary but wonder if it really gets deleted…

    Directory is copied as per your instructions. Ready for more info.


    The cover text file is stored in a file called .CVR , this is probably missing for the event in your log.

    You can see what files are specific to each fax by right-clicking on the event in the send log, and clicking Properties. It should show the list of filenames used (in your case, it will be a .CVR file and some FXD files and others depending on the type of send)

    You’re trying to resubmit a fax, but Winfax cannot because the fax is incomplete.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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