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    Hi, I’m using WinFax 10.02 and trying to set up recurring faxes. After setting up details in the ‘Send New Recurring Fax’ window, I add an attachment, a word.doc file, but despite getting a message saying that the ‘selected file is being converted into a fax image’ nothing else happens, even after 2 hours!
    I’ve tried attaching a small two word .doc file just to see if it was file size but no luck there.
    I can create the file as a Winfax attachment with no problems.
    I thought of using this as a backdoor way to solve my problem but I can’t find a way to attach a Winfax Attachment into the Recurring Fax.
    Does anyone know where the winfax Attachments are stores so I can find it when I click the ‘add’ button on the ‘Send New Recurring Fax’ box?


    sorry, forgot to mention I’m running on XP Home.
    When I last used this recurring fax facility (before the ‘big crash’!) and all worked fine, I was on 2000.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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