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    We were going over the sent logs and found some instances where a few hours after a fax was sent to a client (successfully)..the same fax was resent to that person again…like a redial after a failure..their name /number doesnt seem to have been repeated in the database…so I’m not sure why it happined…any ideas… Thanks David


    This can happen in cases where several multiple page faxes are transmitted.

    For example, you send out a 5 page fax to a specific recipient. Only 4 pages are successfully transmitted (line noise, out of paper, or some other error)

    If you have other faxes to be sent out in queue (the WinFax outbox), this specific fax event may be pushed to the end of the queue of outgoing faxes and then re-transmitted again at a later time. This could be minutes or hours later depending on how many faxes you’re sending.

    In a default setup, only the failed pages will be transmitted later so the receipient will receive two fax calls in this example (4 pages and another fax call with the remaining page for a total of 5 pages.)

    In this case, you’ll see only one entry for the successfull transmission in your send log, not two.

    This also depends on how you’ve configured WinFax to handle the sending of failed pages under the option — Program Setup, Send. You can setup WinFax to re-submit all the pages, instead of just the failed pages.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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