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    There are two Symantec Programs listed on my Program List. Both are from Symantec, One is Live Update and the other is Live Reg Update (I think). My I T Adviser has suggested they can be removed as Symantec no longer provides any such service.

    When I tried to through Delete/Change program of Windows I was given a message they were required by WinFax. Have you any thoughts about this, please?


    Do you have any other Symantec software installed? LiveUpdate is still being used by Symantec. I recommend not removing it.

    althought it isn’t used to update WinFax, it still gets installed as a component with WinFax, and you should leave it there. LiveReg (I believe) can be uninstalled, as it is not required.

    You can turn off “Automatic Live Update” from the control panel. if this is a problem with accessing the internet periodically to check for updates.

    I have not tried uninstalling LiveUpdate when a Symantec product is still installed, but I believe it will not allow it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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