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    In using the WinFax Pro 10.03 Backup/Restore option, I backed up my log files, covers, etc., to a file on the C drive that is not within WinFax (e.g., C:Backup File – WinFaxMY BACKUP DATA 09-13-07.WFA).

    PROBLEM: I uninstalled and then reinstalled WF 10.03 and it simply refuses to either import or restore these data files. WFA (WinFax Archive) is the default file extension used by WF but it seems that the import program is looking for .WFB files. I have done everything that their online support suggests without solving the problem. I am still getting “Call failed, unable to open that log to import it. . .” or “No files restored”. It DOES import my custom cover sheets, but refuses to import the logs. What is going on?

    Did I miss something here or is it couched in some arcane procedure that Symantec thought up? Of course, they no longer support the product, but it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that I be able to get those log files (a 3.2 MB file) back into WinFax Message Manager.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled WF 10.03 twice w/o any change in this behavior. I have: removed the config wizard from Startup, removed the WF data files from “Mail” in Control Panel, Disabled WF/MS Outlook integration and read and followed the instyructions in every Symantec document relating to file backup and restoring, “Call Failed”, rebuilding and repairing logs – all w/o success.

    The really frustrating part is that I know that the data is there, I just can’t extract it back into the program. Aaargh.

    Who can help me solve this?


    when you backed up the data, was it a successful backup?

    if you uninstalled and reinstalled to the same directory, your data should have appeared automatically, without having to perform a restore of the .WFA file.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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