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    There is an error
    Run time error 1594
    The requested member of the collection does not exist
    I do have WIn 98 Thai edition as well as Word 2000 Thai edition
    FAX format is 021234567 as Thai just change phone number and FAX number to nine digit (combine area code and 7 digit phone number)
    Please advise



    Hi, we have reports of this error. Can you give us more details? Are you using the WinFax Macro (included with WinFax PRO ) or the GetFaxing.com macro?
    Also, are you using WinFax PRO 10.02? (click on Help, About in WinFax PRO)

    Are you using Service Pack with Word 2000? Our product is tested with English only version.



    I have re-try by re-install Win FAx again
    It can work now
    In fact I have try with at least 3 machine but same result
    Any way , this also be for your information that Thai edition also work

    Thanks and regards





    So you reinstalled WinFax and the problem was resolved?

    If you still have problems on another machine, try this:

    1. Search for the file cover.db in the data directory being used by WinFax.
    2. Select the found file, click File, and click Rename.
    3. Rename the file to cover.old and press Enter, the file is renamed.
    4. Close the Find window.
    5. Start WinFax PRO
    6. In the Message Manager, click View, and click Cover Pages.
    7. Click Tools, and click Maintenance Utility.
    8. Click Launch Applet, select DB file repair and click OK.
    9. Select Cover Page and click OK.
    10. Click Yes to continue with database rebuild.
    11. Ensure the Cover folder is correct. If not, use the browse button to specify the correct location. Click OK.
    12. Click Finish.
    13. Restart the computer and try again.

    If this resolves the problem please let us now.




    We have duplicated this problem and have found that it affects some machines, we should have a solution available on Monday.



    Download an updated version of the WinFax Macro (release 1.10)


    Close Word and all other applications and run the wfxmacro.exe to start the installation process.

    This should correct the error message during the merge process.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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