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    If you get this error when trying to perform a fax merge, try the following steps:

    Shut down WinFax PRO, the Controller, the WinFax Service If running and Microsoft Word.

    1. Search for the file cover.db in the data directory being using by WinFax.
    2. Select the found file, click File, and click Rename.
    3. Rename the file to cover.old and press Enter, the file is renamed.
    4. Close the Find window.
    5. Start WinFax PRO
    6. In the Message Manager, click View, and click Cover Pages.

    If you have WinFax PRO 10, continue with the following steps:

    7. Click Tools, and click Maintenance Utility.
    8. Click Launch Applet, select DB file repair and click OK.
    9. Select Cover Page and click OK.
    10. Click Yes to continue with database rebuild.
    11. Ensure the Cover folder is correct. If not, use the browse button to specify the correct location. Click OK.
    12. Click Finish.
    13. Restart the computer and try again.

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    After I use the WinFax Macro from Word Document, it directly send to my winfax printer log. But it disapeared without dialing.

    No error, so how should I fix it?

    Please help…..



    this could be a problem with the version of WinFax you are using. If you are using 10.02 with Windows XP, you will need to install 10.00 …or update to version 10.03 from Symantec

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