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    Whenever I try to fax within word 2007 or excel 2007 the add in does not work and get the run time error 5140. and says there is no printer installed.
    I have winfax 10.02 installed running on Win XP sp3.
    But I select a printer Winfax (photo qualtity) It works fine.

    Can somebody solve this


    This error indicates a problem printing to a specifc driver.

    Do you have two WinFax Printers installed? Check in your Control Panel, Printers. You should see WinFax (Photo Quality) and WinFax. If you only see “WinFax (Photo Quality)” this means you are missing one of the WinFax printer drivers. The add-in that comes with the standard WinFax installation does not support the WinFax (Photo Quality) printer driver. The GetFaxing.com add-in for Word will support both drivers (See http://www.getfaxing.com/products.htm )

    To fix this, download and run WinFax Tools, update to the latest version (if required) and then click on Install & Setup Tools, click Install Printer Driver.

    This should install the standard WinFax Printer driver for you.


    I had the latest WinFax tools installed. Also in Control Panel it shows both the Win Fax printers. If I go for WinFax(Photo Quality_ printer test page it works fine , but winfax printer test page does not work. It gives” Test Page Failed to print.Would you like to view the printer troubleshooterfor assistance?POeration could not be completed.”

    Also both the Printers attached to Fax Modem Ports.

    Need Urgent Solution?


    Try the following:

    1. End all WinFax Tasks
    Start WinFax Tools.
    Click End All WinFax Tasks.
    Click Yes to end all tasks.
    Choose Yes when prompted to close WinFax Port Starter and Wfxswtch.exe

    2. Delete the non-working “WinFax” printer driver
    Click Show Printers.
    Select the “WinFax” printer driver. Right click, select “Delete”.
    Click Yes to delete the “WinFax” printer driver.

    3. Reinstall the printer drivers.
    Start WinFax Tools.
    Click Install & Setup Tools.
    Click Install Printer Drivers.
    Click Yes to install.
    Wait a few minutes.

    Click Start Controller.
    Click Show Printers. Check to see if both WinFax printers are listed. (if not, close Window wait, and click show printers again)
    Click WinFax Printer. Right-click Properties.
    Click Print Test Page.

    Does a proper test page appear with the WinFax send screen?


    I have tried and follow the instructions but still the same result.


    Try “No Pages Fix” in WinFax Tools
    Click Yes to check compatibility settings.

    Then, Follow the same steps in the previous message but after deleting the WinFax printer reboot the computer.
    After rebooting, reinstall the printer driver using WinFax Tools.
    Once both WinFax and WinFax (Photo Quality) printers appear in the Control Panel , reboot the computer again.
    after rebooting, start WinFax Tools again and click Start the Controller.
    Now try a test print using the WinFax Printer again.


    Tried everything! No result. same problem… 😥


    What (if any) appears in your Event Viewer?

    Start Controller.
    Click on Show Printers.
    Print a Test Page.
    Click on Services/Event Viewer/DCOM button in WinFax Tools.
    Click Event Viewer.
    Click on System.
    You should see Error or Warning message regarding WinFax Printer. What is displayed here?


    This is the error I received

    “The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer MAIL that believes that it is the master browser for the domain on transport NetBT_Tcpip_{D8C36D55-7CAD-43D8-B6C3. The master browser is stopping or an election is being forced.”



    That may be an unrelated error to the printer driver, you’ll have to force the error message again by printing a test page, then go back to the Event Viewer and see if there any error reported for the time you printed the test page.


    Previous error was the only I received. I tried again and found there is no error in system log .



    how many printers do you have installed (total) ? and do you have a default printer selection? if so, what is it?


    There are 11 printers installed including Win Fax. I am attaching a print screen of printer installed.
    Let me know what to do.



    I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here, although you can try setting another printer (such as the HP Laserjet 1200) as the default printer. Right-click, Select Set As Default.

    Then, delete the “WinFax” printer (select printer, right-click, Delete).
    Go to WinFax Tools, Install & Setup, Install Printer Driver.

    Check the WinFax printer properties, Advanced Tab. Do your settings match these?
    Click on the Print Processor button, does “wfxprint” appear in the list?



    No Good! Same result.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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