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    I use WinFax 10.02 with WinXP media edition, SP2. I often successfully use the “scan and send” feature to create faxes. For some reason, when I attempted to begin the scan and send process today I heard the dreaded “clunk” error when my scanning software was just starting up. When I attemped to try again I received an error message of “WinFax PRO send dialog is currently in use”. I attempted several reboots with the same result every time. I was finally able to do a workaround by scanning the documents into Adobe Acrobat Pro then sending them to WinFax in the printer mode. That worked flawlessly. I then attempted to reboot my PC again and tried the “scan and send” with WinFax…..same results. I do know that sometimes phonebooks, if corrupted, can cause issues so I did the rebuild.bat and optimize.bat. All files were successfully rebuilt and reoptimized except “status.wfb”, which said the file could not be acted upon because it was in use (even thought I did not have hte controller loaded i n the task bar at the time. I’m not sure if that file has anything to do with my issue or not. Any suggestions?

    Thanks everyone for helping out a newbie to this forum.


    Use WinFax Tools to disable the WinFax Service, then try rebuilding the Phonebooks/Logs (the Status.wfb file)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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