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    Recently, I have created an application in Access 97 that has to send faxes regularly. We use Winfax 10.03 for this.

    I have created a routine in Access using the examples found in this forum. Testing this routine showed no problems: all the faxes came out perfectly. However, when using the routine in “real-life”, this was not always the case. Sometimes the faxes come out, sometimes they don’t. When they don’t come out, I can see in the lower left hand corner of the screen the Printer Icon for Winfax getting active and saying there is one document in line waiting. After a while this document disappears, but nothing shows up in the Winfax outbox.

    Can somebody please help, because the unpredictabilitiy of this phenomenon is driving me crazy.

    The code I use is:

    Private Function fliSendWinFax(plsFaxName As String, plsFaxNumber As String, plsReportName As String) As Integer

    Dim objWFXSend As Object
    Dim vlsSQL As String

    Set objWFXSend = CreateObject(“WinFax.SDKSend8.0”)

    With objWFXSend
    .SetNumber (plsFaxNumber)
    .SetTo (plsFaxName)
    .SetPrintFromApp (1)
    .ShowSendScreen (0)
    .Send (1)
    ‘ wait until fax is ready
    Do While .IsReadyToPrint = 0
    SleepAPI 200

    vlsSQL = “[DistribNaam] = “”” & plsFaxName & “”” AND [Weeknummer] = “”” & Me.txtWeeknummer & “”” AND [VDatum] <= " & FormatDatum(cgdLolaDate)
    DoCmd.OpenReport plsReportName, acViewNormal, , vlsSQL

    ‘ wait until ready
    Do While .IsEntryIDReady(0) <> 1
    SleepAPI 400
    SleepAPI 300

    End With
    Set objWFXSend = Nothing

    End Function


    are you using Windows XP? if so , I would recommend a downgrade to version 10.00 if you can find it.


    I too have had problems with WinXP, Access and Winfax 10.02. Is downgrading to v10.0 as easy as unintalling th v10.02 and installing v10.0? Doesn’t v10.03 or v10.04 fix any of these probems with CSDKsend? I am upgrading to a new PC with Access2003 and WinXP SP2 and I installed Winfax v10.02 and I can’t get the automation code to work at all. 🙁 Gary Becker

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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