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    Occasionally, we get the error “Remote device issued disconnect signal on last attempt”. It happens to various vendors, but these same vendors also have successful faxes. Any ideas how to correct this?
    We have Windows XP, U.S. Robotics56K external w/ TAPI, CLASS 1.
    Initialization string:
    1. AT&F&D2&C1&H1&R2&I0S7=55
    2. ATS36=0
    Flow control: AT&H1&R2&I0

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


    you can try setting WinFax to use Class 2.0, that might help – but you can’t control what the remote machine is doing, so if it is actually sending that signal, you can’t stop it.

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    What is the difference between Class 2 & Class 1? Would changing to Class 2 cause any issues with the faxing process of the other vendors? That is, would it result in more problems with WinFax? Thanks!


    fax modems have different methods of communication to and from the computer. Class 1, Class 2 and Class 2.0. Depending on the model of your fax modem, you may have a choice to use 1 or more of these Class types. WinFax detects the class types available during setup of the modem, and will pick the best class that you should use for that modem and WinFax. Usually, you don’t see any difference by choosing one class over the other, but in some cases, selecting class 2.0 over class 1 may provider better results in faxing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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